Photolithography Tools from ASAP Co. Ltd
Exclusive technology for outstanding results in the photolithography steps.

Photolithography Tools from ASAP Co Ltd

Exclusive technology for outstanding results in the photolithographic process that can be used in a manual tool or in a high throughput automatic tool.

ASAP Coater


ASAP has developed special technological details to achieve excellent homogeneous results not only with standard lacks, but also with specially thick negative resist and on substrates with any geometry. The coater from ASAP delivers outstanding results with minimum resist consumption.

Mask Aligner

ASAP’s mask aligner puts a focus on throughput at a low cost. At a resolution of few µm this mask aligner is especially cost efficient for typical structure sizes in the photonic device manufacturing. Several technological improvements enable unseen resolution at proximity exposure.

ASAP Developer


The robust and efficient developer from ASAP delivers high throughput and precision while reducing the chemicals consumption.

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