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Opto System Breaker LDH-50TS

Highlights of the Opto System Breaker LDH-50TS

Cleave Cells Into Bars With Perfect Mirror Facets.

A sharp knife hits the substrate and propagates the scribe fracture along the crystal plane.

Break Bars Into Chips And Wafers Into Cells.

Or any other previously scribed material. Down to 150µm lateral chip size!

Up to 2" wafers.

Check out the LDH-100TSX for 4” wafer processing capability.

Automatic Structure Recognition. Easy to Learn.

The machine vision finds the breaking street and precisely aligns the knife to it.

Universal Breaker And Cleaver.

This tool is an all-rounder breaking and cleaving all kind of structures and materials.

Optional Ring Autoloader for up to 25 Frames.

Extend the no-interaction time. Automatization for large volumes.

“Small” Yet All-Rounder Breaker And Cleaver

Description of the Breaker LDH-50TS

The LDH 50TS is the smaller breaker tool that can process wafers up to 2 inches. Despite its affordable price it does come with the high manufacturing quality and software from Opto System 100% made in Japan. The ring supporting the substrate to be diced is placed upside-down on the holder. The vision system automatically recognizes the structures and precisely aligns the wafer to the knife that hits the substrate from the back. On the front side (scribe side) a support with an adjustable gap holds the structure while letting it slightly bend over the breaking street.  The sharp bending force is just about right to propragate the pre-existing crack or laser scribe along crystal planes without creating any adjacent damage. Mirror-like facets can be achieved with this method.


Why not getting the tape cleaver LDTH 100TS?

The LDH 50TS is an excellent universal full automatic breaker with an attractive price point. If you need to process larger wafers than 2 inches, then the LDH-100TSX should be your choice. We have a lot of customers that perform all their tasks with one of these breakers just fine. Both tools perform excellent at any cleaving and breaking task. Customers that have a large tool park and tend to assign very specific tasks to singular tools do prefer the tape cleaver LDTH 100TS for cleaving cells into bars since they report higher process control and yield for that specific processing step with the tape cleaver. For customers with a smaller tool park, the LSH 100TXS or LDH 50TS as an all-rounder breaking tool works perfectly well.

Can I change the knife myself?

The small knife is perfect to break bars into chips because you can place a lot of bars on the frame. The large knive is necessary to cleave cells into bars but it does cover a lot of space on the ring and it is not easy to place many columns in one ring. Some customers leave the large knife for all operations but then the amount of bars that you can place on a frame for cutting into chips is somewhat restricted. Customers with large tool park dedicate one breaker for chip breaking with small knife only and another breaker for other tasks with a large knife. If you have a lot of bars to dice into chips but overall your volume is not high enough to justify for a second tool, we recommend to change to the small knife so that you can fit many more bars on the frame. Changing the knife requires a bit of experience but it is totally possible to be done by yourself. If you only want to use this tool for chip singulation, we can make a small adjustment to the support enabling you to process devices on an area of 3 inch total, considerably expanding the tool capacity.

Do you also sell expanders and the tape?

We do provide tape and all the required consumables to run the tools smoothly. These are materials with which we have had a positive experience for very long time. If you need to use a specific type of tape we will be happy to try it out and optimize the parameters for that specific set. We do not offer expander tools right now but we are happy to share information about possible vendors.

Do you process my wafers?

Right now we do not have the capability to act as an OEM manufacturer but we are looking for partners to be able to do so in the future. If you want to try out how our tools work on your devices, please get in touch and send us some samples. We are eager to show off and learn about new applications. If you own Opto System tools and would like to offer OEM services, please get in touch too!

“custom half automatic operation mode”??

This breaker has a machine vision system, motors and sensors that allow a full automatic operation of a full wafer from beginning til end. Add the autoloader and up to 25 wafers can be processed at once. The breaker has also a joystick and index buttons to manually move and rotate the wafer, a monitor to see what the cameras see and perform all tasks manually while avoiding damaging the tool unintentionally. This allows a huge flexibility when trying something out in a very efficient way, because you choose which steps should run automatically and which steps should be done manually. All these settings can be saved as a recipe as well.

Why Opto System?

Opto System’s tools are built to last and very robust with a focus on performance and quality. Opto System has been around for for more than 40 years and has earned a reputation for excellent tools in the semiconductor industry across the world.

Who or What is Tomosemi?

TomoSemi is a manufacturer’s representative appointed by Opto System to promote Opto System’s products and to help customers in Europe since we are local.


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