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Semiconductor Manufacturing Tools

from Japan

TomoSemi: Semiconductor manufacturing tools from Japan

Tools for semiconductor manufacturing, such as tools for scribe & break, stacking, mirror coating, testing and optical inspection. We also offer oxydization tools and magnetron sputtering.

Discover Japanese Tools with us.
From the small series to high volume.

Scribe And Break

Such as diamond scribers, laser scribers and breakers from OPTO SYSTEM to singulate bars and dies from a wafer.

Bar Stacking

Stackers from OPTO SYSTEM pile up semiconductor bars to access bar facets for plasma treatment and coating.

Optical Inspection

Full automatic optical inspection tools from OPTO SYSTEM to sort out defects that can be identified visually.

Thin Film Coating and Plasma Etch

Electron resonance cyclotron plasma coating for laser diode mirror coating and other thin film coatings and etch processing tools.

Testing And Probing

Full automatic high speed wafer probers, chip testers and bar testers from OPTO SYSTEM for full automatic characterization and sorting of opto-electronic and power devices.

Lithographie and Lift-Off

Customizable, low cost of ownership lithography solutions and lift-off technology from ASAP.

Some of the most recognized equipment providers for the semiconductor industry are from Japan but distance, language and culture differences can be a barrier.​

We help build the bridge.

Technical Know How

With more than 12 years in the laser diode industry, we understand your requirements for fabrication.


Work with an expert that understands the Japanese mentality and its language.


Based in Central Europe we are available in your timezone and can be quickly on your site.

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