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Opto System Wafer Prober WPF6000

Highlights of the Opto System Wafer Prober WPF6000

Full Automatic Testing.

Chips are automatically tested for multiple parameters from the top side.

High Performance Vision System.

Precise positioning for testing. Optional optical inspection.

For Wafer Sizes Up To 6”

Handles 6” large wafers for many kinds of chips: SAW Filters, LEDs, VCSELs…

Fast Speed Handling.

Precise clock work integration of machine vision system, motors and testing equipment.

Highest Flexibility And Performance.

We integrate your testing equipment or our own.

Optional Autoloader.

Maximize the time that the machine is automatically measuring without intervention.

Full Automatic High Speed Wafer Prober

Description of the OptoSystem Wafer Prober WPF6000

The Wafer ProberWPF6000 is able to handle wafers up to 6″ size. This prober electrically characterizes all the chips by contacting them from the top with probing needles. If both contacts are on the top the chips can remain on their tape while the high performance vision system with multiple cameras precisely align and monitor the measurement. If one contact is on the bottom, the chips are transferred to a gold plate serving as an electrode chuck. We can integrate your testing equipment or we would suggest one. The robust and reliable aspect of this tool has made it very successful among semiconductor manufacturing customers around the world. A current very large application case is the testing of BAW and SAW filters.


Are Larger Frames possible?

This is also fully customizable to satisfy your specific requirements. But there are many standardized options to start with. The WPF6000 set-up has space to handle chips on a 6inch ring, the larger WPF8000 can handle 8 inch wafers but we can always check configurations of an custom-made machine that can handle other geometry. Just let us know your requirements.

Why is the testing equipment optional?

You may want to use the equipment you are used to work with. We would be happy to either propose an optional testing equipment package or work with you to integrate the testing equipment that you provide us from a third party.

Why Opto System?

Opto System’s tools are built to last and very robust with a focus on performance and quality. Opto System has been around for for more than 40 years and has earned a reputation for excellent tools in the semiconductor industry across the world.

Who or What is Tomosemi?

TomoSemi is a manufacturer’s representative appointed by Opto System to promote Opto System’s products and to help customers in Europe since we are local.


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