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Opto System Laser Diode Bar Tester VMSB3000

Highlights of the OptoSystem Laser Diode Bar Tester VMSB3000

Full Automatic Testing.

Laser bars are automatically tested at a controlled temperature for PI curve, IV, spectrum, far field characteristics and sorted according to the results.

Takes Challenging Geometries.

Even bars with very small cavities of just 150µm and 16mm length are no problem for this tool.

Fast Speed Handling.

Precise clock work integration of machine vision system, motors and testing equipment. Let this tool generate statistics without damaging the bars while you focus on improving results.

Powerful Full Automatic Electro-Optical Characterization For Laser Bars

Description of the OptoSystem Laser Diode Bar Tester VMSB3000

Tight specification requirements are a trademark of laser diodes and a close monitoring of key parameters is required to timely recognize dangerous trends in production and to sort out unfit diodes before shipping or mounting into their packages. This full automatic tool from Opto System is a masterpiece in integration of machine vision, testing equipment and laser bar handling know-how. The tool automatically picks up the laser bar from your tape or GelPak, places it on the temperature-controlled chuck and performs a full electro-optical characterization of all emitters on each bar. This includes the integral light output power as well as its angular far-field distribution, the spectrum, the electrical properties and optionally the backside emission too. According to the specified criteria, the laser bars are sorted in different GelPaks or Rings. Optional customization includes multiple chucks for multiple temperature testing for instance.


should I rather look into a chip tester?

The bar tester is designed to measure each emitter on a laser bar. That saves time because it is less overall handling. Besides, many laser diodes are operated in their applications as laser bars, without being singulated into individual laser diodes. Please check our chip tester if you are more interested in testing the final result of individual laser diodes.

How can I speed up the measurements?

We can discuss modifications of the tool to increase the speed but this will usually also mean a higher tool complexity, with robot arms working in parallel, multiple measurement chucks and the like. The tools are robust and established in the manufacturing industry for many years although each client has its own configuration focusing on each laser diode’s specialities.

Why is the testing equipment optional?

You may want to use the equipment you are used to work with. We would be happy to either propose an optional testing equipment package or work with you to integrate the testing equipment that you provide us from a third party.

Can I measure at different temperatures?

If your volume is small and this is not something that would happen every time, you can of course re-run the measurement many times with different temperature settings. The temperature adjustment of the measurement chuck is not designed for quick temperature changes and it is not advisable to change the temperature while measuring but only between measurement lots. If you have a lot of volume and will regularly need multi-temperature testing, we recommend to use the option of having several measurement chucks in a single tool. We will take care of the transfer of the laser bars from one chuck to the other.

Why Opto System?

Opto System’s tools are built to last and very robust with a focus on performance and quality. Opto System has been around for for more than 40 years and has earned a reputation for excellent tools in the semiconductor industry across the world.

Who or What is Tomosemi?

TomoSemi is a manufacturer’s representative appointed by OptoSystem to promote OptoSystem’s products and to help customers in Europe since we are local.


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