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Opto System VCSEL wafer package Tester VMSF3000

Highlights of the Opto System VCSEL wafer package Tester VMSF3000

Full Automatic Testing.

Chips or packaged devices are automatically tested for multiple parameters.

Flexible Use.

VCSEL wafers and VCSEL packaged devices can be tested with one tool.

Flexible Tool For R+D Labs.

Let this tool generate statistics data while you focus on your research.


Fast Speed Handling.

Precise clock work integration of machine vision system, motors and testing equipment.

Comprenhensive Testing.

P/I, I/V, far-field beam pattern, polarization and spectrum.

Robust And Established.

In operation at semiconductor fabs for years around the world.

Flexible Set-Up For Automatic VCSEL Characterization Either On Wafer Or Packaged

Description of the Opto System VCSEL wafer package Tester VMSF3000

The VMSF3000 picks up either a tray with packaged devices or a wafer from a dedicated supply table. The state-of-the-art machine vision system perfectly aligns the VCSEL devices or packages with the probing needles and all individual VCSELs are tested to deliver their PI curve including its far field beam angular distribution, the polarization, the spectrum and of course the electric characteristics. All the data is generated in a file that allows you to study the statistics of your production and developments. The measurements are performed at a controlled temperature and a pre-heating stage is available too; especially for high-temperature measurements of the devices. All this is done in a machine in which all components are tailor made to seamlessly fulfill all the functions in full automatic fashion like a clockwork. 


I actually only need to measure chips, not packaged devices.

The VMSF3000 offers a flexible approach that can suit to measure both packaged devices and the chip wafers but there are other versions such as the WPF4000, the WPF6000 and the WPF8000 that are specifically designed for fast speed probing of just chips.

Are the measured devices sorted?

This tool does offer a sorting function for devices but a sorter can be implemented with a different machine set-up for the chips as well. Just let us know what kind of functionality you are looking for. Most tools manufactured by Opto System are tailored to customer’s requests.

Why is the testing equipment optional?

You may want to use the equipment you are used to work with. We would be happy to either propose an optional testing equipment package or work with you to integrate the testing equipment that you provide us from a third party.

Can I measure at different temperatures?

If your volume is small and this is not something that would happen every time, you can of course re-run the measurement several times with different temperature settings. The temperature adjustment of the measurement chuck is not designed for quick temperature changes and it is not advisable to change the temperature while measuring but only between measurement lots. It would just otherwise cost too much time. If you have a lot of volume and will regularly need testing at different temperatures, we recommend to use the option of having as many measurement chucks in a single tool as different temperatures that you need to measure. We will take care of the transfer of the devices from one chuck to the other.

Why Opto System?

Opto System’s tools are built to last and very robust with a focus on performance and quality. Opto System has been around for for more than 40 years and has earned a reputation for excellent tools in the semiconductor industry across the world.

Who or What is Tomosemi?

TomoSemi is a manufacturer’s representative appointed by Opto System to promote Opto System’s products and to help customers in Europe since we are local.


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