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Tools from Opto System Co. Ltd.
A market leader from Japan specialized in fabrication tools for laser bars.​

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment from opto system co. ltd.

SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT for laser diode manufacturing, such as tools for scribe & break, UNSTACKING, stacking, mirror coating with ECR Plasma Deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition, testing, Probing and optical inspection. We also offer oxydization tools and magnetron sputtering.

Scribe and break tools from OPTO SYSTEM for cleaving wafers into individual dies.

Full automatic tools from OPTO SYSTEM for stacking devices to expose lateral facets to plasma processing and unstacking them back to a tray or tape.

Tools for optical coatings with outstanding properties. ECR plasma deposition and ALD.

Tools from ASAP for the lift-off process. Both R+D manual tools and tools with automatic wafer handling.

Tools from OPTO SYSTEM for high-resolution optical inspection and analysis of all device sides, including the bottom side and the facets.

Powerful testing equipment from OPTO SYSTEM to perform complex measurements on a large number of optoelectronic devices and probing filters and other components. Also edge emitters are supported.

A full range of tools for photolithography process from ASAP at a low cost of ownership and with high robustness and reliability.

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