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TomoSemi GmbH, Opto System, ASAP, MKI,, the Founder

TomoSemi GmbH​

TomoSemi GmbH is a professional manufacturer‘s representative based in Central Europe for Japanese semiconductor equipment.

Some of the most recognized equipment providers in the important semiconductor industry in Japan are actually mid-size companies with limited resources to promote their products outside of Japan. TomoSemi GmbH builds a bridge offering reliable and successful tools from Japan to Western micro-fabrication manufacturers. We offer technical and mechanical advice thanks to our deep technical understanding of the underlying processes.

Pedro Munoz from TomoSemi

The founder

Dr. Pedro Muñoz

founder and General Manager of TomoSemi GmbH.

I found my passion for microfabrication equipment at the University of Cologne, Germany. During the Master’s Thesis and PhD, I was able to learn first hand thin film growth, micro-structuring, assembling and testing techniques and had a great joy at it. The THz mixers I manufactured came out well enough to be useful for radio-astronomic measurements of the interstellar gas from the Atacama desert and the SOFIA airborn observatory. After the PhD, I joined the largest manufacturer for opto-semiconductors in Europe, where I stayed for 12 years in leading positions at the laser diode fab in South Germany and in sales and business development in Central Europe and North America.

TomoSemi is the combination from the Japanese Tomodachi and Semiconductors. Tomodachi means just ‘friend’ because we are trying to help two very different cultures understand each other better. Japanese tools are robust, reliable and highly customized to customer wishes. The Japanese People have a very strong personal connection and commitment with the companies they work for and a very high respect for the customers they serve. They put huge efforts to create trust and long-lasting business relationships with their clients. I have also lived by the same set of values throughout my career and am very honored to represent these firms in Europe. My experience is that honesty and hard work does go a long way and I am looking forward to working with customers and partners with the same mindset.

Opto System Co. Ltd.

Opto System Co Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer specialized in tools for the opto-electronics industry, especially for the steps after the wafer is completed.

Opto System (est. 1976) is headquartered in Kyoto and has five factories all over Japan. Key technologies are scribe&break, full automatic handling of laser bars and dies including vision system and testing. All tools are full in-house developed with a large ability for customer specific customization. Over 100 customers including all major laser diode manufacturers report high uptime and reliable performance even after 10 years of machine use, most of the times with just modest aftersales service needed. OptoSystem understands customer’s manufacturing process and will help you and train you to find your tool parameters for outstanding process results.

Mitsui Knowledge Industry


MKI (est. 1991) is headquartered in Tokyo. In addition to its principal business as a wide range ICT service provider and ICT system integrator, MKI has been providing many different semiconductor manufacturing tools and materials from Japan to European customers. Its know-how and long-time experience will help you to import products from Japan. To increase the service level for European customers, MKI and TomoSemi decided to team up for certain products. MKI’s comprehensive network in the Japanese semiconductor industry may help you find what you want, and its global network will be able to support your business activity expansion beyond Europe as well.

TomoSemi delivers representation services to MKI but TomoSemi is not a legal representative or permanent establishment of Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd.

ECR Plasma Coating

there are coating parameters than can only be reached with ECR.

There are some thin film properties that can only be achieved with the help of ECR plasma. The coating of optical mirrors and thin film insulators are typical examples. However, apart from the theory, each machine delivers thin films with slightly different properties that may or not may satisfy your needs. We are happy to demonstrate the thin film properties that you can achieve with these tools.

ASAP Co., Ltd.

ASAP is a Japanese manufacturer specialized in wet wafer processing steps around the photolithography.

ASAP (est. 1999) is headquartered in the Saitama prefecture one hour north of Tokyo and has two production locations in Japan. Key technologies are photo-resist coating, mask aligner and lift-off equipment for mid-scale automatic processing. The tools base on specialized and robust technology that gets the job done with very high production yield. Their modular design allows you to scrap out all automation and get a R+D tool with small footprint and cost or a full automatic tool for mass manufacturing with magazine handling and multiple stations. TomoSemi GmbH represents ASAP tools that are commercially handled by Mitsui MKI Ltd.

“Japanese companies have a strong pride in quality, customer service and long term relationships with their customers. “


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