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ASAP coater Highlights

ASAP coater Tools Highlights

Up to 200mm wafers

ASAP is focusing on the photonics market, offering state-of-the-art technology also for smaller wafer sizes. Even square substrates are O.K.

Rotating Cup Lid

A rotating lid process option reduces the air turbulence caused by the spin of the coating table. This means higher coating homogeneity with less resist. Even for challenging viscous resists.

You name it. We build it.

ASAP specializes in modular design offering you many options to customize your coater. All coaters are specifically crafted with your situation in mind.

High Coating Uniformity.
Low Resist Consumption.

Description of the ASAP Coater Tool and its Highlights

Good pattern resolution depends of a homogeneously coated wafer. Yet, this can be sometimes demanding. ASAP has been building spin coaters for over two decades: For small labs and for large fabs. Especially, if you are dealing with non-Si wafers, or your process size is comparatively small (up to 8 inches) you might find it challenging to find affordable tools with top-notch processing quality. ASAP is the perfect supplier for you. Focusing on high quality components and a lot of little but fine details have led to awesome tools that you will love for their ease of operation, low cost of ownership and reliability. We listen to your specific situation and requirements. Please do reach out today.


How Do You support Customers in Europe?

ASAP has a strong presence in the Japanese and Asian market but there are tools in North America as well. After the installation at your premises by ASAP engineers, unplanned maintenance is extremely rare. The tools from ASAP use only the newest components of the highest quality. Planned maintenance can be done by yourself with our instructions. In the unlikely event of malfunction, the tools can be accessed via remote and you can get nearly immediate self-help online support by ASAP engineers. If items do need to be serviced, an specialized engineer from ASAP will travel from Japan to your location to solve it on the spot.

Why are ASAP Coaters so special?

ASAP’s tools are made with a love for detail and many refined features that you will love instantly. All tools are manufactured with the specific customer in mind, including features for challenging resists and topographies.

What is that rotating cup lid?

The fact that most of the resist goes down the spout while spinning is quite an annoying feature that only the resist manufacturers seem to love. ASAP has dedicated a lot of thought of how the resist can be spinned more evenly while using less resist. They found out a method to actually accomplish this. Work smarter, not harder, and save the environment unnecessary resist with ASAP’s technology.

Do you process my wafers?

Right now we do not have the capability to act as an OEM manufacturer but we are looking for partners to be able to do so in the future. If you want to try out how our tools work on your devices, please get in touch and send us some samples. We are eager to show off and learn about new applications. If you own ASAP tools and would like to offer OEM services, please get in touch too.


ASAP’s tools are built to last and very robust with a focus on performance and quality. ASAP has been around for for more than 20 years and has earned a reputation for excellent tools in the semiconductor industry in Asia and it is about time that European and North American customers get to benefit from their advantageous designs.

Who or What is Tomosemi?

TomoSemi is a manufacturer’s representative appointed by Mitsui to promote ASAP’s products and to help customers in Europe since we are local.


We value your feedback, so let us know what you think!

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